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Road Patrol

The business district of the capital city is about 320 km, and the daily traffic volume is about 1 million vehicles. While many customers are using it, the reality is that various traffic problems do occur. In order to ensure the safety of customers while travelling, we think that "safe", "precise", "prompt" correspondence is necessary. Major traffic disorders include traffic accidents, broken cars, falling objects, etc. An average of around 31 traffic accidents, 33 broken cars, 73 fallen objects occur per day. In order to discover and eliminate transportation facilities at an early stage, the capital city is working on control and patrol operations with a thorough system. In addition, We also cooperate with related organizations to identify vehicles that are not compliant with road laws such as records. We strive to secure safe and comfortable passage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Image of patrol cars

We regularly patrol the entire Metropolitan Expressway by patrol cars. In the event of an accident such as traffic accidents, broken cars, falling objects, etc., we promptly implement traffic restrictions and take necessary measures safely and smoothly in cooperation with the traffic control room to prevent secondary accidents.

Image of emergency exclusion of vehicles

We try to secure safe and smooth traffic by carrying out emergency exclusion of vehicles that have been largely damaged by traffic accidents or defective vehicles on the highway, using specialized vehicles such as multi-function tow truck cars and transportation vehicles.

Image of axial load meter at the toll gate

We install axle load meters at the toll gate. We analyze the data and check vehicles that violate the weight limit to prevent damage to the road.

Left: Axle-measuring device
Right: Camera

Image of traffic control room

By using the comprehensively processed road traffic data and information, the three traffic control rooms located in the Metropolitan Expressway provide customers with accurate road information. Also, when accidents or vehicle failure occurs, the control room instructs the patrol car via radio, prompt to the site, and at the same time collaborates with related organizations to secure safe and smooth traffic as soon as possible.

Image of patrol bicycles

Yamate Tunnel (Central Circular Route) is a long tunnel in the city. In the event of an accident or fire, prompt response is required, we ensure customer’s safety by promptly arriving on the scene with highly mobilized patrol bikes even in traffic jams.