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  • President
  • Nobuhiro Maeda
  • 前田 信弘

We, Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited, are continuously engaged in the construction, maintenance, and operation of the Metropolitan Expressway, a major artery in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We believe that our mission is to continue providing high-quality services from the viewpoint of our customers, while taking measures against the COVID-19.

To ensure that our customers can safely and securely travel on the Metropolitan Expressway, we will properly carry out daily inspections and repairs, and steadily proceed with large-scale renewal and repair projects for ensuring the long-term durability.

Additionally, with a view to realizing a decarbonized society, we will further expand our road network, including the Shin-Omiya Ageo route, as well as countermeasures against traffic congestion. We will seek to provide more comfortable and convenient services through our initiatives for the undergrounding project of the Nihonbashi section, ETC dedicated operation, and new toll policies.

Furthermore, in order to establish a stable revenue source and contribute to enriching society, we will aggressively expand our business area other than the expressway business, such as the parking lot business, parking area business, and engineering consulting business.

In closing, we will endeavor to contribute to the establishment of a thriving and comfortable society by connecting the people, cities, and lifestyles of the Tokyo metropolitan area, and appreciate all of your ongoing support and understanding.

Management Principles

Basic Principle/Autonomous management

We connect people, communities and Daily lives within the Greater Tokyo area through our safe and smooth Metropolitan Expressway network, contributing to the affluent and comfortable advancement of society.

Management Principles

Customers first

In pursuit of safety and comfort, we provide high-quality services that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Coexistence with local communities

Our goal is to create a better environment and to develop local communities by working together with community members.

Social responsibility

We build relationships of trust with our customers, community members and investors through our strong ethical perspective and high level of transparency.

Autonomous management

We manage our business efficiently and soundly, and assertively expand our operations into new business fields.

A vibrant work environment for employees

We create a work environment in which our employees can develop their own abilities, allowing them to cultivate a sense of pride and achievement.