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  • President
  • Toshitaka Miyata
  • 宮田 年耕

We, Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited (Shutoko),engage day and night in the construction, maintenance, and management of the major arterial road network in the Greater Tokyo Area, the Metropolitan Expressway. We believe that our mission is to always adopt our customers’ points of view and provide high-quality services.

In addition to the advancing aging of the Metropolitan Expressway’s structural parts, it also experiences excessive usage, consisting of five times more heavy-vehicle traffic in comparison to local roads in Tokyo’s 23 wards. As a direct consequence of this, we are actively moving ahead with large-scale renovation and repair projects as well as implementing comprehensive management covering daily inspections and repairs, etc., to ensure that structural safety is maintained in the long term. In addition to this, we carry out high-grade, efficient maintenance management with the use of ICT technology such as the i-DREAMs® smart infrastructure management system. We have also adopted initiatives in such areas as expanding our technical consulting projects using the technical skills we have built up through the maintenance management of the Metropolitan Expressway in this way both in Japan and overseas, and are now actively involved in the real estate industry and other areas outside the expressway industry.

We are also moving ahead with improvement work on the Yokohama Northwest Line and other routes as well as establishing measures to prevent traffic congestion to ensure that all users can use the roads in comfort. We are also involved in a project to move the Metropolitan Expressway underground near Nihonbashi as part of a collaborative effort targeting town planning in the surrounding area.
Furthermore, in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, while making efforts to improve our highway landscape, we will take a key role in the games’ transportation network to contribute to their success.
Going forward, Shutoko will continue making contributions to creating a more affluent and comfortable society through our operations, networking people, communities, and daily lives in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We would very much appreciate your continued support and understanding.

Management Principles

Basic Principle/Autonomous management

We connect people, communities and Daily lives within the Greater Tokyo area through our safe and smooth Metropolitan Expressway network, contributing to the affluent and comfortable advancement of society.

Management Principles

Customers first

In pursuit of safety and comfort, we provide high-quality services that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Coexistence with local communities

Our goal is to create a better environment and to develop local communities by working together with community members.

Social responsibility

We build relationships of trust with our customers, community members and investors through our strong ethical perspective and high level of transparency.

Autonomous management

We manage our business efficiently and soundly, and assertively expand our operations into new business fields.

A vibrant work environment for employees

We create a work environment in which our employees can develop their own abilities, allowing them to cultivate a sense of pride and achievement.