Our Initiatives

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Safety Initiatives

We ensure various safety and preservation measures, striving for a safer and more convenient Metropolitan Expressway.

  1. 01. Maintenance & safety measures for the Metropolitan Expressway
  2. 02. Traffic Safety Measures
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Environmental Initiatives

We have launched various initiatives aiming for an environmentally friendly "Eco Road" that conserves the environment and alleviates traffic, noise, and air pollution.

  1. 01. Initiatives to Improve Roadside Environment
  2. 02. Providing an Environmental Road Pricing Discount
  3. 03. Active Implementation of Environmental Technology
  4. 04. Coexistence with the Natural Environment & Local Communities
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Initiatives to Alleviating Congestion

We are strongly promoting comprehensive policies such as bottleneck prevention measures to tackle the various traffic jam issues that arise on the Metropolitan Expressway.

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Landscaping Initiatives

We are working on improving the various landscape features such as elevated bridges, tunnels, and parking areas to create a beautiful roadscape.

  1. 01. Improvement of Elevated Bridge Landscape
  2. 02. Improvement of Driving Space Landscape
  3. 03. Improvement of Parking Area Landscape
  4. 04. Examining the Landscape of Newly Opened Routes
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Disaster-Prevention Initiatives

Visitors can view information on earthquake disaster prevention efforts, disaster management action plans, and business continuity plans (BCP) for potential large earthquake disasters.

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Road Traffic Measures

We have been undertaking initiatives to upgrade various information boards, improve the road traffic information sites, and promote Smartway.