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02. Providing an Environmental Road Pricing Discount

In order to improve the environment along the Yokohane Line with many residential areas, this initiative of environmental road pricing discounts for the Metropolitan Expressway attempts to divert drivers of large and oversized vehicles with large emissions of suspended particulate matter (SPM) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from the Yokohane Line to the Bayshore Route. Discounts will be given to ETC large and oversized vehicles that use the Bayshore Route or Kawasaki Line, making it easier to use the Bayshore Route and Kawasaki Line.
Drivers who use eligible entrances/exits with the same ETC card, and with a large or oversized vehicle using ETC remote payment, and who use the Bayshore Route "Kawasaki Ukishima JCT to Daikoku JCT" or Kawasaki Line "Kawasaki Ukishima JCT to Daishi Entrance" without passing between "Daishi-Asada" on the Yokohane Line are eligible.

Image of the areas with environmental road pricing discounts
Image of the explanation of examples of use of environmental road pricing discounts