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Construction of New Routes

Recent initiatives

The Yamate Tunnel (Bay Shore Route to Route 3 Shibuya Line) on the Central Circular Route of the Metropolitan Expressway in the Tokyo area opened on March 7, 2015, marking the completion of the Central Circular Route. This dispersed the excessive traffic concentrated in the city center, reducing the traffic jams on the Metropolitan Expressway by half in the city center section. Furthermore, the stock effect* from reduced travel times streamlines the distribution of goods and also has a ripple effect on regional social and economic activities. (*Stock effect: effect where the created social capital brings sustained benefits to the lives of citizens and economic activity) In the Kanagawa Prefecture, the Kanagawa Route 7 Yokohama North Line (Kanagawa Route 1 Yokohane Line to Daisan Keihin Road) opened on March 18, 2017. This improved access to northern Yokohama (centered on Shin-Yokohama), as well as the Port of Yokohama and Haneda Airport, is expected to reduce required time and ensure punctuality.

  • Yamate Tunnel of the Central Ring Line opened on 7th March 2015
    The Central Circular Route Yamate Tunnel opened on March 7, 2015
  • High speed Kanagawa No. 7 Yokohama North line opened on March18, 2017
    The Route 7 Yokohama North Line opened on March 18, 2017

Major current initiatives

In the Tokyo area,spots where traffic jam is expected are being dealt with and roads are being enhanced by expanding lanes in order to further demonstrate the effectiveness of the road network of the fully operational Central Circular Route. Click here for more details

  • Central Circular Route
    Central Circular Route
  • Komatsugawa JCT
    Komatsugawa JCT

In the Kanagawa area, the Yokohama Northwest Line (Yokohama-Aoba IC and JCT to Yokohama-kohoku JCT) is being built to both alleviate congestion on surrounding roads and connect Tomei Expressway, Shin-Yokohama (the hub of Yokohama), and Keihin Waterfront section by highway, to enhance inter-regional communication, and to make travel more convenient in the region. It is scheduled to aim to open in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

  • Image of map of Yokohama Northwest Line
  • Yokohama Northwest Line (Yokohama-Aoba IC and JCT to Yokohama-kohoku JCT)
    Yokohama Northwest Line (Yokohama-Aoba IC and JCT to Yokohama-kohoku JCT)

In the Saitama area, work started in April 2017 on the National Highway 17 (Shin-Omiya Ageo Expressway (Yono to Ageominami)) toll road project, which will join with the existing Metropolitan Expressway network to improve traffic access in Tokyo center and the Saitama Chuo area, as well as reduce traffic accidents and alleviate congestion at the National Highway Route 17 Shin-Omiya Bypass. Partnering with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the project is aiming towards early completion.

  • Image of the National Highway 17 toll road project