icon of Initiatives to Alleviating CongestionInitiatives to Alleviating Congestion

Countermeasures Against Traffic Congestion

Although network improvements have reduced traffic jam centered on the Inner Circular Route, traffic jam near the Central Circular Route has worsened, so challenges remain. For this reason, the "Metropolitan Expressway Pleasant Driving Vision" was formulated as a comprehensive plan combining software measures such as upgrading traffic information supply, modifying signs/lane marking, etc., in addition to measures against bottlenecks such as increasing lanes by improving and expanding road networks, with the goal of making the Metropolitan Expressway smooth and comfortable.

Types of traffic jam (rate of occurrence)

Countermeasures against traffic jam

Heavy traffic congestion

Countermeasures against traffic congestion

Measures against speed reduction on uphill slopes

  • · Prevention of speed reduction with escort lights
  • · Display of messages prompting speed recovery
  • · Installation of additional lane
  • · Alert with signboards and pavement markings
Countermeasures against traffic congestion

Measures against heavy traffic

  • · Providing wide area traffic information
  • · Providing public information congested days according to the traffic congestion forecast calendar
  • · Network development in business etc.
Countermeasures against traffic congestion

Measures in merging sections

  • · Adjustment of operations of junction merging areas depending on the times of traffic congestion (variable channelization)
  • · Regulate entry point inflow
  • · Improve lane marking according to traffic conditions
  • · Widening and icrease of lanes

Traffic jam caused by accident and vehicle breakdown

Countermeasures against traffic congestion

Speed up removal of crashed and broken down vehicles

Traffic jam caused by construction

Countermeasures against traffic congestion

Optimize and intensify construction, publicize detour information for construction spots

*Percentages in 2016 (All lines - Weekdays)

Installing escort lights

We installed traffic control devices called "escort lights" on the roadside which blink in the direction of travel thereby preventing drops in speed. Customers are encouraged to return to their original speed on while driving uphill to alleviate traffic congestion.

Image of the Establishment of escort light

Lane marking modifications according to traffic conditions

We are modifying lane markings to suit traffic conditions as traffic volume changes, in order to alleviate congestion.

Image of the improvement of lane markings suitable
Image of the areas with improved lane markings

Public information on congested days according to the traffic congestion forecast calendar

We publish a traffic congestion forecast calendar that forecasts each day's congestion in four levels from past data on our homepage and leaflets, and inform our customers of days prone to congestion.

Image of the congestion prediction calendar

Responding to customer feedback

We have set up the "Shutoko Customer Center" as a comprehensive help desk for customers concerning the Metropolitan Expressway. We respond quickly to customer feedback.

Improvement case (1)

Customer feedback: "I have a hard time knowing where I'm going near the Hakozaki Rotary"
Improvements: We improved the situation by coloring the lanes by direction and linking them with navigation signs such that drivers can better judge where they are heading, intuitively.

Image of improvement to lanes by coloring according to direction

Improvement case (2)

Customer feedback: "Many cars make lane changes near the Kinshicho Tollgate, disrupting the flow."
Improvements: We restricted lane changes near the Tollgate, and controlled vehicle flow. We also changed lane use and added lane navigation.

Image of improvement to restrain lane change near the toll gate

Adding highway buses & rail rides

We have set up a bus drop-off stop in Yashio Parking Area and Yoga Parking Area for those using highway buses heading to the city center, and for those who want to avoid traffic jam on the Metropolitan Expressway. You can get off the highway bus when the Metropolitan Expressway is congested and switch to railway.

Transferable areas

Yashio PA → Yashio Station Tsukuba Express
(approx. 5min walk)

Yoga PA → Yoga Station Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line
(approx. 5min walk)

Price of transfer ticket

Yashio Station → Akihabara Station (100yen)

Yoga Station → Shibuya Station (100yen)