Fast Chargers for Electric Vehicles

Fast chargers for electric vehicles have been installed in eight parking areas on the Metropolitan Expressway so that drivers using electric vehicles can drive on the expressway without worrying about the car being discharged.
Operational information of the quick chargers can be found in the section of the following website operated by e-Mobility Power Co.,Inc.

Information regarding the suspension of charging points (also includes information about chargers other than those on Metropolitan Expressways)
Information regarding the charging point map (operational status of each charger)

Charger stations

Click the image to display a map of the parking areas.

Route 1 Haneda Line, Heiwajima Parking Area (inbound)
1 unit
Route 3 Shibuya Line, Yoga Parking Area (outbound)
1 unit
Route 4 Shinjuku Line, Yoyogi Parking Area (inbound)
1 unit
Route 5 Ikebukuro Line, Shimura Parking Area (inbound)
1 unit
Route 6 Misato Line, Yashio Parking Area (inbound)
1 unit
Bay Shore Route, Ichikawa Parking Area (to the west)
1 unit
Bay Shore Route, Daikoku Parking Area (to the east/west)
1 unit
Kawaguchi Line, Kawaguchi Parking Area (inbound)
1 unit
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Description of services

Use time

24 hours a day without pause (except for suspension of operation due to maintenance)

Those who have a Charge Card

  • Accepted cards

    Available Card

    · Card issued by e-Mobility Power (eMP)
    · NCS affiliated card issued by an automobile manufacturer

    Charging fee

    The charging fee varies by charging card, so contact the card issuing company.

  • Those without a Charging Card

    Charging fee

    Available at a charging fee of 40 JPY/minute (tax included). The customer should have a mobile phone that can read QR codes as well as a credit card at hand, and sign up for the certified billing system "Eco-Q Den".

Request for cooperation

Avoid parking in the charging space for long periods.
We ask for your cooperation in sharing use of this space.

Contact information

If you have questions concerning malfunctioning quick chargers or any other issues, please contact the operator, MintWave Co., Ltd.
Contact: 0120-112-157 (call center)

This contact information is attached to each quick charger, so you can find the information there as well.