icon of Maintenance Cycle

Maintenance Cycle

We provide engineering advice on road maintenance system, e.g. for inspection, evaluation and repair work, based on our technologies and practical experience of more than 50 years.

icon of Asset Management System

Asset Management System

We support the establishment of a database system that manages various types of information related to inventory, inspection and repair work. The database can integrate and efficiently improve maintenance work, and comprehensive information of road assets can be acquired.

icon of Maintenance Planning

Maintenance Planning

We provide engineering advice to support the development of an optimal maintenance plan, e.g. for inspection work, repair work and asset management, according to the type and scale of road structures.

icon of Inspection & Evalution

Inspection & Evalution

Proposal on inspection work and evaluation methods for damage for each type of structures can be provided. This also includes a detailed examination for evaluating the cause of damage and planning for repair or strengthening work.

icon of Repair & Retrofit Design

Repair & Retrofit Design

A variety of repair and strengthening work is carried out to ensure safety of the expressway structures. The service life of structures is maintained and extended by not only repairing the damaged structures, but also by adopting the preventive repairing methods.

icon of Construction Management & Quality Control

Construction Management & Quality Control

An engineering service for construction management and quality control can be provided in order to ensure high-quality, safe construction work.

icon of Maintenance & safety measures for the Metropolitan Expressway

i-DREAMs® / InfraDoctor

We utilize the state-of-the-art smart infrastructure system "i-DREAMs®" to implement advanced and efficient maintenance management. "i-DREAMs®" aims to estimate the deterioration within structures by utilizing a damage estimation AI engine, and to automatically detect repair and reinforcement candidates according to the degree of damage.