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Related Operations

Enhance related core operations
and start new businesses

The Metropolitan Expressway is focused on revenues from related core operations (parking lot and parking area businesses), and strives to establish a long-term stable management foundation together with the group companies while starting new operations such as real estate to further increase revenue. We will continue working to execute suitable operations including new policies that contribute to the daily lives of those in the community, considering the customers' standpoint.

Parking lot business

City planned parking lot business ventures

We enhance and expand city planned parking lot businesses at five locations (about 2,300 vehicles) in Tokyo that form the foundation of urban transport. Furthermore, we improve customer convenience by means such as setting reasonable tolls, setting up parking spaces for motorcycles, and registering for information services for parking lot availability.

Parking lot business utilizing under viaducts

In order to respond customers’ needs promptly and execute effective operations, “Metropolitan Expressway Service Company Limited” and “Metropolitan Expressway Association” are implementing operations and managements of the parking lots (about 60 locations, roughly 5,900 lots capacity) utilizing the space under viaducts of Metropolitan Expressway.

Image of parking lot operations that use the area under overpasses

Business ventures in parking areas

20 parking areas have been set up for customers' comfortable use of the Metropolitan Expressway, and we have developed urban parking areas with improved restaurants and shops that allow for relaxed customer visits.
The parking areas where restaurants are operated have improved their menu, holding seasonal menu, etc.
Some parking areas have also introduced the multi-functional vending machine "vending machine convenience store ASD*" which offers various product types including chilled products such as rice balls and sandwiches.

*ASD (Automatic Super Delice): A new unmanned convenience store system that combines the ease and convenience of a convenience store and the fun of shopping with the ease of a vending machine.

*"Metropolitan Expressway Service Company" runs parking area operations to accurately meet the needs of customers and execute effective operations.

Parking Area Map

Consultation of earthquake-proof construction

The Metropolitan Expressway Group's Principles

The Metropolitan Expressway consistently provide earthquake conservation for buildings from seismic diagnosis to seismic reinforcement.


The Metropolitan Expressway Company was founded as a Metropolitan Expressway Public Corporation in 1954 and as a company which contributes to the creation of a prosperous society, has worked on more over 500 construction designs. Also with an abundant experience on the evaluation of seismic capacity working with private buildings such as apartments and office buildings. From this experience, we have been appointed as an earthquake resistance advisor by Tokyo city.

Customer First

We will prepare necessary documents necessary for receiving grants and "applications and request procedures" to local governments free of charge. In addition, we will respond free of charge toward reinforcement proposals after diagnosis, apartment management associations, and explanatory meetings for building tenants.


For more than 50 years in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, we have undertaken architectural design and construction supervision for office and parking areas. We continue to perform earthquake restistance tests on old buildings and conduct reinforcement work to continue to use them preciously.

Overview of first-class architect offices


First-class architect office The Metropolitan Expressway Company

Business lines

Architectural design, evaluation of seismic capacity, legal inspections, etc.

Founded on

January 5, 2007 Tokyo Metropolitan Registration Number 61329

Number of engineers

Architects (17 first-class, 2 structural designer first-class, 3 second-class)
Specialized architects (specialized in integral design)
APEC architect
First-Class building operation and management engineer
Regular investigator of specified buildings
Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Registration Seismic evaluation personnel
Tokyo metropolitan seismic evaluation personnel for wooden houses
Emergency risk identifier for nationwide afflicted buildings
Damage identifier and restoration engineer for disaster-afflicted buildings (The Japan Building Disaster Prevention Association)
Public building construction and quality assurance engineer
Real estate notary
Facility manager
Interior designer

Affiliated organizations

Real estate notary
Tokyo Association of Architectural Firms Member
(Tokyo metropolitan emergency transport roads, roadside structure seismic reinforcement promotion
operations Registered firm)
The Japan Building Disaster Prevention Association (architect firms performing seismic evaluations and seismic reinforcement)

Architectural works