Image of Map of accident-prone spots

Map of Accident-Prone Spots - Large Vehicles

  • Refrain from using a mobile phone while driving, as it is dangerous.
  • Please alert the Traffic Control Center directly from a nearby emergency telephone or by sending # 9910 from a mobile phone (follow the automatic voice guidance and press the number "1" for the Metropolitan Expressway) in an emergency involving driving, vehicle trouble, or fallen objects. The Traffic Control Center will contact the police and fire department for them to respond.

Map of accident-prone areas for large size vehicles

  • Accidents involving large size vehicles have a major effect on vehicles in the rear through traffic jams. The major causes of accidents are speeding, sudden lane changes, and overloading.
  • Large size vehicle should watch their speed when driving.
    • Accidents often occur at curve intervals (including junctions).
    • Be careful not to speed.
    • Pay attention to the movement of surrounding cars at forks and merging sections, and refrain from sudden lane changes.
    • Driving with an overload is very dangerous due to the extended braking distance and trouble turning at curves. Please adhere to the stipulated loading mass.

Map of accident-prone areas: Large size vehicle

Map of accident-prone areas: Large size vehicle