icon of Traffic Management

Traffic Management

A leading-edge traffic control system is utilized to quickly process the incoming data and provide drivers with useful traffic information (traffic condition, route, travel time) in real time and every minute in order to ensure safe, smooth and comfortable use of the expressways 24 hours a day.

icon of Road Patrol

Road Patrol

We strive to secure safe and comfortable passage by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

icon of Facility & Tunnel Disaster Management System

Facility & Tunnel Disaster Management System

Tunnel disaster prevention system manages tunnel disaster prevention facilities at the same time controlling facility such as power receiving / supply facility and ventilation equipment by facility control system. Combining these two systems ensures the comfort and safety of the driver.

icon of Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC)

Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC)

The Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) is a system that enables the driver to pay the toll automatically when passing the toll gate without stopping. The spread use of ETC system can effectively reduce the traffic congestion at the toll gate. By alleviating the traffic congestion, the environmental conditions around the toll gates can be improved due to less air pollution and noise. As of FY2010, the ETC usage ratio in the Metropolitan Expressway is approximately 88%.

icon of Initiatives to Alleviating Congestion

Initiatives to Alleviating Congestion

We are strongly promoting comprehensive policies such as bottleneck prevention measures to tackle the various congestion issues that arise on the Metropolitan Expressway.

icon of Traffic Safety Measures

Traffic Safety Measures

In order to prevent traffic accidents, we have been implementing traffic safety measures from both the hardware and software aspects by installing traffic safety equipment and initiating safe driving awareness activities.