Parking Area Map

  • Restaurant/Snack bar/Shops
  • Convenience store
  • Ostomate toilet
  • Information corner
  • Fast chargers for electric vehicles
  • AED
  • Motorcycle parking
  • ATM

Haneda Line

Shibuya Line

Shinjuku Line

Ikebukuro Line

Mukojima Line

Misato Line

Fukagawa Line

Daiba Line

Bay Shore Route

Yokohane Line

Kawaguchi Line

Toilets, multipurpose restrooms, vending machines, handicap parking, and ETC usage history printers are installed in all parking areas. *For detailed information on toilet equipment, click here (PDF/49KB).

You cannot walk in and out the parking areas except Kawaguchi Parking Area (Kawaguchi Highway Oasis) and Yashio Parking Area.
Only passengers traveling by highway buses can walk to/from the Yashio Parking Area / Yoga Parking Area for highway buses & rail rides.
Cautions for using Daikoku Parking Area (PDF/687KB).

For detailed information about the parking area's facilities, see the following.
Parking area store information (Metropolitan Expressway Service Co., Ltd.)
Information Corner
AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
Fast Chargers for Electric Vehicles