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Tokyo Metropolitan Area ‒ Bay Shore Route Connection Discount

Discount overview

  • · The toll after discount for using the stretch between Yokohama City Center, Mitsuzawa Line/Kariba Line, and the Inner Circular Route if transiting through the Bay Shore Route will be given on the following table.
  • · Drivers using the eligible entrances/exits indicated in the following table among entrances/exits on the path of the Yokohama City Center section and Inner Circular Route will pay no more than the aforementioned toll.
  • * When combined with the environmental road pricing discount, this discount is applied to the price after the environmental road pricing discount is applied.

Drivers receiving a discount

  • · Drivers using eligible entrances/exits given in the below table with the same ETC card, using remote ETC to pass by, or using the Bay Shore Route "Kawasaki-Ukishima JCT to Daikoku JCT" (all vehicle types)

Eligible entrances/exits for Yokohama City Center

Higashi Kanagawa, Yokohama sta.W , Miatomirai, Yokohama-koen, Connection with Daisan Keihin Road/Yokohama Shindo, Mitsuzawa, Yokohama sta.E, Connection with Yokohama-Yokosuka road/Hodogaya bypass, Nagata, Hananoki, Ishikawa-cho, Shin-yamashita, Daikoku futo, Higashi-Ogishima

Eligible entrances/exits for the Inner Circular Route

Takara-cho, Kyobashi, Shintomicho, Ginza, Shiodome, Shibakoen, Iikura, Kasumigaseki, Daikancho, Kitanomaru, Kandabashi, Yaesu, Marunouchi, Kawasaki Ukishima JCT, Ukishima, Wangan Kanpachi, Haneda Airport, Oi-minami, Rinkai-fukutoshin, Shibaura, as well as connections with Tokyo Expressway(D8).

Price after discount Compact size vehicles/motorcycles ¥790
Standard size vehicles ¥950
Middle size vehicles ¥1,100
Large size vehicles ¥1,460
Extra large size vehicles ¥2,320
Image of Tokyo Metropolitan Area ‒ Bay Shore Route Connection Discount applicable entrances
  • * The discount is valid from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2026.
  • * This discount may not be correctly applied if remote communication with the ETC antenna on the road is not possible.