Notification of changes to tolls due to the consumption tax increase

New tolls will apply from midnight(12:00 am) on Tuesday, October 1st

Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshitaka Miyata) will be changing the tolls on the Metropolitan Expressway due to the revision of the Japanese consumption tax rate effective October 1, 2019.
The new tolls will be applied from midnight(12:00 am) on October 1, 2019.

1. Basic Toll Rates

  • We will adjust the rates evenly and appropriately, so that the consumption tax rate is 10% in all routes.
  • Rounding will be carried out as before, to the nearest 10 yen.
  • In principle, the applied toll rate is based on the start time of the use of the Metropolitan Expressway.
  • The below table shows the toll rate for each vehicle type.
Vehicle classification Toll rate (the amount in brackets is the difference compared to the current rate)
Compact Size, motorcycle 280 yen (+10 yen) to 1,090 yen (+20 yen)
Standard Size 300 yen (±0 yen) to 1,320 yen (+20 yen)
Middle Size 310 yen (±0 yen) to 1,410 yen (+30 yen)
Large Size 400 yen (+10 yen) to 2,080 yen (+40 yen)
Extra Large Size 460 yen (±0 yen) to 2,650 yen (+50 yen)

2. Toll for customers paying in cash

The toll for customers paying in cash is, in principle, the maximum amount for each vehicle type. (Some sections excluded)