FAQ - Other Frequently Asked Questions

Management policies

  • Q1
    How can I learn about your company's management policies?

    The Metropolitan Expressway Company is involved in the construction, maintenance, and management of the Metropolitan Expressway, the main artery of the metropolitan area. We stand behind our guiding principles and management philosophy as we engage in operations.
    Along with upholding the safety and security of the customer, we believe that it is our mission to always provide high quality service for our customers. We appreciate your continued understanding and support.

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  • Q2
    How can I learn about other businesses than the road projects?

    The Metropolitan Expressway Group, in addition to the road projects, is involved in the parking lot business and the Metropolitan Expressway parking area business as related core businesses.
    Also, from a customer service perspective, we are developing new businesses following privatization, such as the Yono Convenience Promotion Project in which a convenience promotion facility was set up (commercial facilities such as an information house/free parking area, toilets, convenience store, etc.) at the Yono Junction, a self-storage business aimed at contributing to the creation of better living environments by providing a storage location for valuable household items, etc. to those living in the surrounding area, and a real estate business that uses company sites.
    In addition, we are also expanding our consulting business by making full use of the advanced technological capabilities of the Metropolitan Expressway.

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    Initiatives for related operations


  • Q1
    Where can I find a map of the Metropolitan Expressway?

    Network map is distributed in parking areas on the Shutoko Customer Center.
    Also, if you would like it sent to you, call the Shutoko Customer Center and ask for the same.
    *We send only one per person on grounds of inventory.
    Data for the SHUTOKO DRIVE MAP is posted on the Metropolitan Expressway Drivers Site.

  • Q2
    How can I link to the homepage of The Metropolitan Expressway Company website?

    Generally, links to the homepage of the Metropolitan Expressway Company website are freely allowed.
    For details, see the site policy of the Metropolitan Expressway for information on the site.

  • Q3
    What measures are you considering for the Metropolitan Expressway at Nihonbashi, which has been criticized for degrading the landscape?

    The Metropolitan Expressway functions as an important artery supporting society and economics in the metropolitan area. Its early phase of construction was pressed for time and finances as the Tokyo Olympic Games in the autumn of 1964 were approaching. The expressway was quickly built over public spaces such as waterways under these circumstances.
    Later, in response to changes in social awareness such as for landscape improvements, we made efforts to beautify the highway in order to improve the harmony between the Metropolitan Expressway near Nihonbashi and the surrounding landscape in 1990. The work involved measures to improve the landscape, such as painting the structure with colors fitting the Nihonbashi, attaching exterior panels, devising lighting to make the space under the overhead bridge wider and brighter. The president of the Nihonbashi Preservation Committee even sent us a letter of appreciation for developing the environment around the famous bridge.

    The Nihonbashi section including the Metropolitan Expressway at Nihonbashi (Takebashi JCT to Edobashi JCT) needs a large-scale restoration as it has significantly aged and deteriorated over the last 50 years since its opening, so in November 2014 we obtained the project approval for the restoration project from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
    While taking the landscape into consideration, we recognize that efforts to increase local momentum and the resolution of issues related to burden of expenses are essential to renovate the Metropolitan Expressway in connection with urban revitalization.
    We have set up a study panel with relevant authorities such as the government, Tokyo, Chuo ward, etc. and we are currently conducting specific studies on integrating urban redevelopment and restoration projects.