Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge

Image of Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge

Overview of the Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge

Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge, which is a part of the Bay Shore Route, connects the Tsurumi channel between Daikoku Futo and Ogishima. The form of the inverted Y-shaped main tower and the central part of the road connected by cable is reminiscent of a huge bird, and as the largest cable-stayed bridge with single plane cable stays in the world, it even surpasses the Yokohama Bay Bridge in both main tower height and total length.

Image of Overview of the Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge
  • Structural form Cable-stayed bridge
  • Bridge length 1020m
  • Center span 510m
  • Main tower height (above sea level) 183m
  • Bridge's inauguration December 21, 1994