Rainbow Bridge

Image of Rainbow Bridge

Overview of the Rainbow Bridge

Route 11 Daiba Line was built as trunk line of the city highway network and as a core unit of transportation infrastructure connecting the city center and the sub-center built in the Tokyo Waterfront Area. The Rainbow Bridge is a multi-purpose transportation complex consisting of Route 11 Daiba Line, Harbor Road, and the Waterfront New Transit System (Yurikamome). The harbor landscape near the Rainbow Bridge includes a horizon created by the water in the harbor and the vertical lines of skyscrapers. The Rainbow Bridge with its softly curved lines combined with vertical lines of the main tower and piers, leverages the features of a suspension bridge to create an elegant appearance against the relaxed expanse of a seaside city defined by linearity.

Image of Overview of Rainbow Bridge
  • Structural form Suspension bridge
  • Bridge length 798m
  • Center span 570m
  • Main tower height (above sea level) 126m
  • Bridge's inauguration August 26, 1993