Katsushika Harp Bridge

Construction started in March 1982

The Katsushika Harp Bridge is an S-shaped cable-stayed bridge with one side suspended with a total length of 455m, that extends from the left bank of the Ayase River to the left bank levee of the Arakawa river, upstream of the Kamihirai floodgate of the Nakagawa River on the Central Circular Route.
It employs a structure in which the main girder is lifted obliquely with a large number of cables fanning out from two towers of different height.

Image of Construction started in March 1982
  • 1Construction of foundational structure

    Image of Construction of foundational structure

    A circular caisson of 24m in outer diameter was submerged and used as the foundation of the piers.

  • 2Erection of the parent tower and child tower

    Image of Erection of the parent tower and child tower

    The tower components made on shore were hoisted by a crane. Each component was joined by welding while taking the landscape into consideration.

  • 3Erection of superstructure

    Image of Erection of superstructure

    The side span section was erected while supporting the structure with temporary supports, and the center span section was installed by overhang construction.

Opened on September 9, 1987

In order to take the urban landscape into account, we ran community-based activities such as nighttime light shows and the first public naming.

Image of Opened on September 9, 1987