Katsushika Harp Bridge

Image of Katsushika Harp Bridge

Overview of the Katsushika Harp Bridge

The Katsushika Harp Bridge is located between the Yotsugi entry/exit on the Central Circular Route and the Hirai-ohashi entry/exit, and was constructed across the separation levee where the Ayase River splits into the Arakawa River and the Nakagawa River, and opened in 1987.
Its structure is a "S-shaped cable-stayed bridge with one side suspended", with an especially beautiful form popular with many people including the locals. It was the first bridge on the Metropolitan Expressway named by the public.

Image of Overview of the Katsushika Harp Bridge
  • Structural form Cable-stayed bridge
  • Bridge length 455m
  • Center span 220m
  • Main tower height (from the girder) 65m - 29m
  • Bridge's inauguration September 9, 1987