Goshikizakura-ohashi Bridge

Construction started in November 1990

The Goshikizakura-ohashi Bridge is a section crossing the Arakawa River, and is a double deck Nielsen Lohse bridge of length 146m to secure the shipping route.

Image of Construction started in November, 1990
  • 1Construction of lower structure and concrete piers

    Image of Construction of lower structure and concrete piers

    Construction was started in November 1990. In order to build a pier foundation in the Arakawa River, a foundation was built by partitioning river using steel pipes.

  • 2Erection of the superstructure

    Image of Erection of the superstructure

    The superstructure, excluding the slabs, was installed in a single operation. The structure was assembled 1km upstream from the erection location, towed using a barge, and installed in a single operation in April 1993.
    (Installation weight approximately 3350t)

  • 3Completion

    Image of Completion

    This was followed by the erection of a steel deck and adjustment of the cable tension. The entire construction was completed in February 1995.

Opening on December 25, 2002

The bridge was named "Goshikizakura-ohashi Bridge" because the location of the suspension bridge was once a famed cherry blossom spot where cherry blossoms of five colors bloomed together.

Image of Opening on December 25, 2002