Vehicle type classification

The vehicle type is classified into five categories as listed in following tables, according to the size, specifications, riding capacity and others.
Toll rates are determined by vehicle type.

Basic toll rate

The basic toll rate of Metropolitan Expressway for ETC card drivers is subject to distance-based tolling system. Toll rate increases JPY10 per 0.1 km. The tables below show toll rates by vehicle type.

Toll rate for payment by ETC card (card exclusively used for Electronic Toll Collection System):

Type of vehicle Toll rate (JPY)
Compact size vehicle, etc. 270~1,070
Standard size vehicle 300~1,300
Mid-size vehicle 310~1,380
Large size vehicle 390~2,040
Extra-large vehicle 460~2,600

Toll rate for cash payment:

Type of vehicle Toll rate (JPY)
Compact size vehicle, etc. 1,070
Standard size vehicle 1,300
Mid-size vehicle 1,380
Large size vehicle 2,040
Extra-large vehicle 2,600

*Rate of some sections differs from above mentioned by selected routing.