We have been developing technical consulting business, mainly ODA projects of JICA. Furthermore, as in February 2013 we acquired Foreign Business License (FBL) of Thailand, concerning consulting business on traffic control, facility management, etc., we got orders from expressway companies in Thailand. Following table shows the order situation up to the present.

Country Contract Designation
Thailand 12 Bridge inspection, Operation&Maintenance, Management planning of planned routes, ITS
Indonesia 6 Road planning, Operation&Maintenance
Philippines 4 Management planning of planned routes, ITS, Ancillary work design
Vietnam 4 Technical qualification system, ITS, Technical evaluation
Cambodia 3 Economic and financial appraisal, Bridge design, Toll road system
India 2 ITS
Myanmar 2 Bridge design, Operation & Management
Nepal 1 Tunnel Operation Management
Egypt 1 Bridge inspection, Operation&Maintenance
Portugal 1 Urban traffic, ITS
Turkey 1 Planning of operation&maintenance (Bridge)
Kenya 1 Traffic demand forecast, Operation&Maintenance
Cameroon 1 Traffic demand forecast

(From February 2010 to July 2016)

Technical transfer to Thai engineers: Bridge inspection methods
MPA Technical Comittee
Measurement of ETC radio wave at tollgate in Thailand