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Basic Policy

Overseas Activities of Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited (Shutoko)

Leading Company in Operation, Maintenance, Planning and Construction for Urban Highways

Since the establishment our predecessor, Metropolitan Expressway Public Corporation in 1959, we, Shutoko have been engaged in planning, construction, operation & maintenance of urban expressways in the Great Tokyo Area, Metropolitan Expressway . With best practice toll road solutions achieved for over 50 years, we are developing overseas business, mainly highly skilled technical consulting services.

Our technology and know-how in various fields:

  • Traffic management system with high-density network (e.g. ITS)
  • Toll collecting system on heavily trafficked roads (e.g. ETC)
  • Disaster management at emergencies in expressways including urban long tunnels
  • Inspection, diagnosis, maintenance and repair & reinforcement works of structures under heavy traffic conditions
  • Planning, design and construction management under severe condition of densely populated urban area

Our overseas activities have three strategic pillars to go ahead with: International Cooperation, Technical Consulting Service and Foreign Investment Business.

Innovative Technology

See more details of the consultation services conducted overseas.