Toshitaka Miyata We at Metro Politan Expressway Company Limited(Shutoko) are involved day and night in the construction,upkeep and management of the Metropolitan Expressway, one of the metropolitan area’s major arterials.
The Central Circular Route of the Metropolitan Expresswaywas fully opened on March 7, 2015, and currently acombined length of more than 310km is available, accommodating some 940,000 vehicles on average each day. Therefore to ensure continuous safety and satisfaction for all our customers, we make it our mission to always observe things from the driver’s perspective in order to offer a higher-quality service.
Moreover, since about five times more heavy vehicles use our expressway network compared to local roads in the 23 wards of Tokyo, we have been engaged in thorough inspection and repair of our facilities. Moving forward, we will accurately carry out renewaland repair of aging facilities. - therefore, more than ever before, we are working on a diverse range of tasks, such as thoroughly inspecting and repairing facilities, embarking on large-scale renewals and overhauls of aging expressway sections as well as organizing the network, contending against traffic jams and implementing road safety measures to ensure safe, comfortable driving for all our customers.
Shutoko pledges to continue uniting people, places and lifestyles in the metropolitan area to contribute to the creation of an affluent and comfortable society. To that end, we hope you will continue to understand and support us.
Thank you.

We have adopted the following five management principles in order to promote business from the standpoint of our customers.

  • Customers first
    In pursuit of safety and comfort, we provide high-quality services that guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Coexistence with local communities
    Our goal is to create a better environment and develop local communities by working together with community members.
  • Social responsibility
    We build trusting relationships with our customers, community members and investors through our strong sense of ethics and high level of transparency.
  • Autonomous management
    We manage our business efficiently and solidly, and aggressively expand our operations into new business fields.
  • A vibrant work environment for employees
    We create a work environment in which our employees are able to develop their own abilities, allowing them to develop a sense of pride and achievement.